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David Bowie as Count Robert Lecter
Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter

"Since our timeline is a little more present, there’s a little bit of JJ Abrams-style alternate universe storytelling where [Robert Lecter] could still be alive." - Bryan Fuller

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They look so pretty I could die. 

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Mads Mikkelsen by Patrizio Di Renzo

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Personal to-do list for shitty times:

  • Drink good tea.
  • Watch funny viral videos.
  • Read a comfort book. (Read Harry Potter or Hobbit or Little Princess.)
  • Hug a book, if you don’t feel like reading.
  • Read the old stories and character details you wrote.
  • Write something you are good at, if you are feeling like it.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Take a hot shower, brush your teeth, put on a face mask.
  • Put on clear nail polish. (So you won’t get even more frustrated if you ruin your nails.)
  • Bake feta cake. Then eat freshly baked feta cake.
  • Do 50 sit-ups.
  • Whatever the case is, be thankful that you and your loved ones are healthy.
  • If the case is a health problem, remember it could be worse.
  • In every case, remember it could always be worse.
  • Don’t forget that nothing is permanent in life. Bad moments too will end, just like good ones did.
  • Cry.
  • Don’t listen to yourself.
  • Don’t think about future.
  • Don’t think about the past.
  • Knit aimlessly.
  • Remember there is goodness in the world in all forms. There are beautiful people, kind people, puppies, oceans, unknown lands and giant squids and deep sea creatures and massive trees and lions and thunderstorms and funny things and orgasms and London streets. 
  • There are also diamonds and trains and Russian sky and Chopin and Beethoven and Tolkien and dragon stories and myths and very old people and very talented people. 
  • And tamagotchi and gummy bears and Milkyway and wind and hot sand and snowmen and promises that are kept and honest people and classy men and well-dressed women and rain and handshakes and French kiss. They are all goodness. 
  • Eat tasty food, even if they are not the healthiest choice.
  • Force yourself to talk to people (because you know how bad it got when you acted like nothing happened).
  • Tell your friends that you are scared/frustrated/sad. 
  • Watch The Lion King.
  • Listen to Neil Gaiman’s speeches and feel better about the possibilities.
  • Drink water.
  • Fall asleep listening to audiobooks, so you won’t have to hear your thoughts. (Go for Philosopher’s Stone.)
  • Don’t try to sedate yourself with anti-anxiety drugs or natural tranquilizers or alcohol. They help but then you end up being afraid of dealing with emotions when you are sober.
  • Write letters to friends and ‘talk’ to them if you cannot reach anybody or the hour is too late.
  • Smell lavender.
  • Drink some more tea.
  • Have faith in sunrise and the morning light. It will get better. Eventually.